Esri providing free support to replace Google Earth Enterprise or Google Maps Engine technology with theirs

Esri is planning to stop mapping business therefore they have prepared a special offers for Google in mapping and 3G earth visualization domain. Being the mapping business since 45 years, Esri already has off the shelf ingredients products and the capabilities to this transformation with little effort. The mapping between the products that these two vendors provides is given below and it’s an opportunity to the individuals and system integrators to make themselves ready for upcoming projects.

Google Solution Esri Solution
Google Earth Enterprise Client ArcGIS Earth, or ArcGIS Pro (part of ArcGIS for Desktop)
Google Earth Enterprise Fusion Server ArcGIS for Server
Google Earth Enterprise Earth Server ArcGIS for Server with Portal for ArcGIS
Google Earth Enterprise Portable Server ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Pro (part of ArcGIS for Desktop) with Offline Map Packages
Google Earth API (plugin) Portal for ArcGIS, including 3D Web Scenes
Google Maps Engine ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server running in a cloud infrastructure
Google Maps Engine API ArcGIS JavaScript API

Thanks to Esri

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