Premium Class Career in GIS Technology

GIS was quite an interesting and intelligence rich subject. This quite a big domain and offer a verity of jobs and career paths to professions since more than a decade. The future of GIS professionals is bright provided they improve their knowledge and capabilities to link and use GIS along with Big Data, AI and Analytics.


The above picture is taken from “The Digital Workforce of the Future”, published by LinkedIn with following claim

It has been estimated that by 2020, robotic automation and
artificial intelligence will be responsible for a net loss of more
than 5 million jobs across 15 developed nations1. At the same
time, we see reports that 6 million cybersecurity jobs are globally
left unfilled2.

GIS analyst were always equipped with these three technologies, however the names used to describe them were different. Themes, what if scenarios, tracking server, spatial analyst, network analyst, dashboards etc. are quite a few names.

I think, we need to mention what of these technologies being used while producing any of our GIS outcome in daily jobs to keep think link stronger.

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